International experts in body and exercise

This event is integrated in Physical Education Week at Lusófona University Lisbon

There is no bigger bless than to explore the relationship between your body and the environment. For that to happen, one has to have the ability to move freely without limitations or pain. More than ever, exercise and movement professionals take movement quality into account when analyzing, prescribing and supervising their sessions.
With this in mind, the world’s top movement science experts are coming to sunny Lisbon, Portugal in May 2019. Manz Produções and Lusófona University invite you to learn from the best, how to help your athletes, clients or patients to move freely, injury and pain free, to achieve higher performances, obtain their fitness goals or just increase the likelihood to maintain exercise in the long term.
In this 4 hands-on workshops, you will exercise both body and mind during 12 enlightening hours, establish connections with both lecturers and colleagues from all over the world and explore a broad range of opportunities for continuing education credits that will keep you at the top of your game.
Both exercise physiologists, personal trainers, exercise group specialists, osteopaths, physiotherapists and even doctors will collect knowledge and tools to better understand movement and create the right environment for their clients to evolve. At the Movement Science Summit you will learn tools to take your career and life to the next level.